Friday, January 16, 2015

ETF Trading Strategy as at January 15, 2015

The good people at have a unique system of ranking the performance of their list of ETF's. They have developed a Relative Strength Factor rating system which is updated often during the trading day.

Here is the definition of the RSf.

'Relative Strength Factor(RSf) is a percentile ranking of the fund's performance relative to other funds and relative the broad U.S. market performance. It is measured over 1 year and weighted to emphasize more recent performance. The values for RSf range from 0 thru 99.99 with the better performing funds having higher values.'

I am going to place in here the top 5 ranked items and then have a more detailed look at the top performer.

Lets have a look at the top listed one  DNO, using the chart on the site.

Some  Performance detail

As you can see this instrument has been moving higher for a while, it will be interesting to look at a Point and Figure chart to see what the price target may be.

For further detail on this fund you can look at this web page

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