Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trading Strategy Based on Bill Williams Alligator (Chaos) System

I am using the strategy generator included in Forex Strategy Builder to generate this ea and as you can see, the results are quite impressive.

The ;win/loss' ratio is 1.00, the Sharpe Ratio is 3.93, not bad for an automated strategy, especially considering that the out of sample is 30 per cent.

I will post the numbers below for you to have a look at.

It took only three hours for Forex Strategy Builder to generate this EA....., I just set up the indicators I want to use and let the generator seek the values it can use best.

Should you look at MyFxBook, you will see that few of the robots listed there have as good numbers as this one.

You can download this software, there is a free version on the site that will do exactly what I have done here and you can quickly develop several great trading strategies.

You will find this to be a most valuable tool to have available.

Here is a description of the indicators used

Here is the download link  for this free software 

I will be posting more results from different systems that I develop as days pass, stay tuned.!

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