Monday, April 24, 2017

The ‘Magic Ribbon’ Trading Strategy and Google Alphabet Stock

How does the Magic Bands Strategy work with Google Alphabet?

This morning the Magic Bands strategy shows an excellent pop for Google Alphabet stock. It seems that right off the open in New York, Alphabet was going to shoot up.


As the most popular of all of the search engines, Google has a tremendous potential for revenue and that just seems to grow and grow.
The Alphabet stock is up close to 10 percent for the year and seems ready to advance further.
Recently the company and PayPal concluded an agreement to let people use their Android phones for store purchases.

The Magic Bands trading strategy is a very simple visual strategy, clearly indicating long and short moves. When the light blue is showing the market is movi8ng higher and when the red is showing we see the market moving lower.
Alphabet has a few trend changes daily on a 5-minute chart, the Magic Bands shows these moves clearly making it very easy to trade this market.
Simply constructed, the system uses 2 sets of Bollinger Bands and the ‘Ribbon’ Indicator.
Bollinger Bands settings are 15 0.05  and 50 0.05.
The ribbon indicator for Metatrader is available with a internet search.

Do you have any suggestions or questions about this strategy? Be sure to use the comment form and let’s discuss it.

Good Trading…!

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