Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bottom Dwellers About To Move North as at April 25, 2017

This scan reveals stocks that are showing signs of moving higher in the nest couple sessions.

Perhaps a good idea to make a note of these and observe them, there may be an opportunity here.


Update April 28, 2017

I took the prices above and made a comparison to the close on Friday, April 28. 

You can see that there has not been great appreciation in price.

However, for most of these, there was a gain on the day after they were first posted.

In coming days I will be attempting to refine the scan to get a longer term gain.

Please note that these scans are not suitable for trading advice. Each of these scans is in a development phase, they are being refined as each day passes.
Watchlists are being studied and refinements made, until there is some good degree of reliability, these scans are unsuitable except to record the scans.

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