Monday, November 14, 2016

US Dollar Jumped Higher Since Trump Elected

How Far Will The US Dollar Rise.?

Since the US Election on November 8, the US Dollar has moved much higher as traders are expecting higher inflation .

The Trump government will be favoring energies and manufacturing and traders are moving into these stocks.

Another factor pushing the Dollar higher is the rise in bond yields.

Of course the Trump Administration is not yet in place, there may be further developments as weeks pass.

Here is a 240 minute chart of the US Dollar Index, and you will see on there a bearish Fibonacci Pattern, perhaps a signal that the rise is finished. These patterns can not be relied on but it is an indication that there may be an overbought condition at this time.

On Tuesday November 15, there will be the following news releases which may further influence the US Dollar. (From Forex Factory)

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