Thursday, August 13, 2015

CCI Trading Strategy as At August 13, 2015

Using CCI For Some Simple Entries On Today’s Charts.

CCI Divergence
Here is a one hour chart of EURUSD showing some Bullish Divergence


and the Daily USDCAD showing Bearish Divergence


Now we can apply the CCI 200 Trend Line break:



You can see that the entries are quite clear cut and also accurate.

I will look for a couple examples of CCI Slingshot entries from today’s charts.

Here is CADJPY daily. You can see the slingshot here, the CCI 14 has risen to the zero line while the CCI 6 has climbed to the 100 level.


On the GBPCAD Daily chart is a great example of the CCI Slingshot. If you check the price bars you will see that this is a great continuation entry that yielded quite a few pips.


CCI is a great scalping tool, you can use it on the fast time frames as well as the slower time frames. It takes a few hours of screen time to get your eyes used to picking out the entries.

CCI Divergence is quite useful and often very easy to see on a chart, particularly if you are used to drawing trend lines.

There is a few examples from the charts this morning, I know there are many more available for some profitable trade entries.

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