Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stock Scan Results by the Rambunctious Pig As At 7:15 pm EST November 22, 2014

The contents of this post may temper your trading strategy for the next couple days. I have created an 'index' of 992 stocks that trade between $10 and $25 at the close Friday so that I can measure certain aspects of that 'index' and also to compare individual instruments against it as well.

The first scan that I can describe was to measure the momentum of the index and also the momentum of the 992 instruments as decreasing or increasing as of Friday close.

First, here is the chart of the index that I created.

The lower chart shows the 'homemade' momentum indicator and, as you can see, the momentum is almost neutral for the group.

Next I did a scan to determine how many are decreasing and how many are increasing in momentum.

  • Decreasing in momentum are 508 instruments
  • Increasing in momentum are  484 instruments

The count is just about even and not really anything to base any decisions on based on Friday's data.

Here is another look at the same chart with a Slow Stochastic.

As you can see, the Slow Stochastic is approaching the overbought area which may indicate a move is coming.

Certainly we can not use this chart as any measure except perhaps to consider when making the trading plan for the next week.

I wanted to share that research today and as time passes I will be improving the scans on that group of stocks and sharing those with you.

I wish you the best with your trading strategy for the coming week.

Good Trading..!

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