Sunday, November 23, 2014

Have a Look at the 50 Moving Average Trading Strategy

The 50 moving average trading strategy can have some excellent points.

The 50 moving average can be used in combination with other moving averages such as the 200 or 100 or 20 to pinpoint moving average crossover entries and exits.

Another use for the 50 day moving average is to compare what may be happening between different groups of currencies.

For example, I have placed several charts on this page which show the relationship of price to the 50 day moving average, you will see price reverting to the mean and crossing the average and approaching the average.

Notice that all of these prices are below the 50 moving average with the exception of the US Dollar.

As you can see, a review of the 50 Moving Average can give you a quick idea as to what is happening to many currency pairs with regard to the other and similar pair.

You will also notice that from time to time there are some good price moves signaled by the 50 moving average.

Have a great week ahead..!

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