Friday, July 4, 2014

Forex Strategy Builder Result

Interesting Results

Forex Strategy Builder is an excellent program for developing strategies. This afternoon I set it to run while I went out for a while and when I got back to the screen there was a system with a huge account growth.

Check out this graph:

I have not  had a chance to test this strategy as the markets are closed for the weekend, for sure I will have it running on a demo on Sunday evening when the Asian markets open.

I just wanted to pass this result along, perhaps you want to download Forex Strategy Builder and develop some strategies of your own.

Have a nice weekend.!!

July 5.

The results I posted above are just what came from the 'Generator', for interest's sake I am going to use the 'Optimizer' to see if results can be enhanced. Below is a picture of the optimizer before I start. This could be an interesting optimization.


Below is the result of the first optimization and you can see that the end result is a significant increase in the profits.

I will do a further optimization and see what that may yield.

Here is the final optimization, I don't think there will be much more to gain without serious curve-fitting. You can see a 25 percent gain between the first and last. This demonstrates the power of the software, and, as you can see, this tool will allow you to create some excellent trading strategies.

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